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UK FHIR Core Learnathon


This event is in the past

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01 February 2023

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This event is in the past


Join us for a day of learning, updates, and discussions supported by the NHS Transformation Unit and HL7 to learn everything you need to know about UK FHIR Core but were too afraid to ask.

Intended as a precursor to INTEROPen's 1st UK Core Hackathon which we plan to host at Digital Health Rewired on the 14 – 15 March 2023 at the Business Design Centre in London, this event will be the first introduction and set of sessions on UK FHIR Core.

This Learnathon will provide vital information to help, in particular, Product Managers and Architects of system suppliers to understand what UK Core is, why it’s important and how to both follow and engage with its development. It also provides vital information for developers wishing to take part in our UK Core Hackathon taking place on 14 and 15 March at Rewired (tickets and details to be published shortly).

For a taste of previous INTEROPen Learnathon sessions on a range of topics, visit our YouTube channel.


The event is designed to support the development and adoption of UK FHIR Core; a set of FHIR Profiles tailored to meet many of the interoperability use cases for the UK, and NOT just England.

Sessions will cover key updates from HL7 UK, NHS Digital Transformation Unit (including NHS Digital IOPS Team) and Digital Health and Care Wales covering important areas including

• a brief introduction to FHIR, what UK FHIR Core is and what it isn’t

• the relationship between Care Connect, UK FHIR Core and the work on standard front-line APIs

• a Clinical Perspective on UK Core – how it supports clinical practice

• where to find everything about UK FHIR Core and where to access the definitions of UK FHIR Core standards

• Discussion session to explore with the community how UK Core can be made more useful and easier to adopt what communication would help system suppliers to keep abreast of development and how to make the interaction 2-way

• A roadmap of candidate areas for UK Core

• Future follow-up and engagement required with the community

At the March Hackathon, developers will be invited to collaborate to build interoperability between each others’ and national solutions using UK FHIR Core which is based on HL7 FHIR Release 4. We would like these to have as much clinical utility as possible.


The Learnathon will cover the following key themes:

• What is HL7 FHIR and UK FHIR Core

• How to proactively engage with the development of UK FHIR Core

• The usage of UK FHIR Core within national programmes

• Technical Walkthrough of UK Core and the Future Roadmap

• What we want to do at the Hackathon and use cases we can follow

A full draft agenda for the day can be found here and will be firmed up in the next week. Sessions will be hosted by leaders representing a range of perspectives, including policy, suppliers, and developers. The more technical sessions will invite participation from the delegates to help inform the Programme direction.


Implementation leads, software engineers, developers, product support analysts, implementation consultants, interface managers, product owners and product managers, clinical informaticians, and those in similar roles who are interested and able to contribute to the development of solutions. We also encourage participation by those with insights from the frontline, so clinicians, carers and other providers who would like to get involved.


In keeping with INTEROPen values, all interested parties are invited to take part in planning calls which take place every Thursday at 8 am. Team details are available in the UK Core Hackathon on Ryver - INTEROPen's collaboration platform**, where you will also find resources.

These planning calls aim to set out the scope and agenda for the Hackathon and to provide participants with the information to commence their architectural plans.

All conversations, technical preparations, and updates relating to this event will be shared in the related topic in the UK Core Hackathon Forum on Ryver*


*Ryver is the INTEROPen community's collaboration platform. To access Ryver, you will need to be a member of INTEROPen (to ensure GDPR compliance). To become a member, please complete the online joining form.



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