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About us

Established in 2016, INTEROPen is an open collaboration of individuals, industry, standards bodies, and health and care providers who have agreed to work together to accelerate the development and implementation of open standards for interoperability across the UK health and social care ecosystem.

Governed by a board of representatives with Co-Chairs from the supplier and service communities alongside over 2000 members; including representatives from over 160 vendor organisations, standards bodies, Arm’s Length bodies, care providers, charities, and individuals we are committed to putting commercial interests aside and drive development for the adoption of interoperable standards.

We provide guidance and support in the running of Learnathons, Hackathons, and Webinars to fast-track learning and encourage cross-sector collaboration to accelerate progress towards the adoption and implementation of solutions supported by interoperable standards. Using our community platform, Ryver, we are able to build on these relationships and share ideas across the ecosystem.

Our Vision

A health and care community through which digital information seamlessly flows.

Our Mission

To bring together a collaborative health and care community to establish and maintain open standards for the exchange of digital information that are easily and readily available for common use in the health and social care sector.

Our Values

INTEROPen are guided by six core values that define our mission and shape our identity. 

  • To put health and social care users at the heart of everything we do
  • To put aside commercial interests in pursuit of our vision
  • To work openly and collaboratively with each other
  • To be transparent and work with integrity
  • To embrace innovation and always be forward thinking
  • To be inclusive of all those who share our vision and values

Our partner organisations

At INTEROPen, we believe in the power of collaboration. Together with our esteemed partner organisations, we create synergies that drive innovation, enhance our reach and amplify our impact. These partnerships are a testament to our shared commitment to bring together a collaborative health and care community. They play a pivotal role in helping us deliver the best solutions and services to our community.