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Our Vendors

Orion Health

At Orion Health we are excited to revolutionise healthcare, delivering modern technology to ensure that every individual receives the perfect care for them. Our world-leading Unified Healthcare Platform allows data to flow seamlessly across the healthcare ecosystem, reveals insights from health records, and empowers people to take control of their own care. With 30+ years of experience working with national healthcare systems worldwide, we are leading the change in digital health through the three core solutions within the Platform: Amadeus – Digital Care Record: Consolidates patient information across settings, enabling more effective coordination and empowering carers to make optimal decisions, Virtuoso – Digital Front Door: An omnichannel consumer engagement platform that integrates data, tools and services for end-to-end healthcare navigation and management and Orchestral – Health Intelligence Platform: A health-centric platform to acquire and analyse data for individual, cohort and population health management.


Synanetics provides professional IT services to health and social care organisations. Our focus is interoperability: our clients are part of a wide health economy where information is shared safely, with patient consent, and with the aim of promoting efficient collaboration and improved outcomes. We are experts in the major topics of modern healthcare technology and lead the implementation of standards such as HL7, FHIR and IHE to build open infrastructures.