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UK FHIR Core Hackathon 2023


This event is in the past

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14 March 2023

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This event is in the past


INTEROPen is working with NHS England, Digital Health and Social Care Wales and The Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB) to provide you with two free days of knowledge sharing and technical support that will help you advance your system capabilities and workflows using HL7 FHIR UK Core. This is the interoperability standard being adopted across all 4 nations of the United Kingdom to improve the flow of information.

You are invited to join the clinical and technical experts to ‘hack’ a number of scenarios using HL7 FHIR UK Core to help accelerate the development of solutions that enhance workflow and improve patient safety. We are also looking to run a number of interactive education sessions.

The Hack will take place on the 14th and 15th of March, with all hack participants encouraged to showcase their work in the afternoon of Day 2 (see Post Hack Presentation Session below) in one of the main Theatres at Digital Health Rewired. Collaborators on the 'winning' hack projects will be invited to refine their projects and present to Senior NHS Leaders to demonstrate the potential for ‘real world’ solutions.


This event has been designed to accelerate the adoption of UK FHIR UK Core development using the UK Core Implementation Guidance. We are using this in a number of scenarios including:

Exchanging observation data from Virtual Wards solutions into Clinical Systems – such as EPRs. This would include NEWS and PEWS and we want to extend this to include Glucose Monitoring and Insulin Dosing.

Supporting the capture and exchange of PROMS information using existing parts of UK Core. As this will be built using FHIR Questionnaires we plan to increase the skills in the use of questionnaires by running workshops on building FHIR Questionnaires.

How we map between different information models; a recurrent problem for system suppliers where they may have to map from UK Core to:

• Care Connect (HL7 FHIR STU3)

• PRSB Information Standard

• 3rd Party and Internal Systems.


We’re keen to build on supporting the key NHS Priorities today and Virtual Wards are a key part of the Urgent and Emergency Care Recovery Plan. The themes of the Hackathon will evolve through the planning calls and as a minimum aim to include:

Whilst we have the building blocks to support this in UK Core, we are keen to show how we can support data exchange on a range of Virtual Care Pathways and improve the flow of data between systems. Part of this will include how we might define a standard API to request information from a Virtual Ward solution to and consumed in another 3rd party clinical system.

Improved Standardisation of the capture and exchange of Patient Recorded Outcomes (PROMS). Work has been started in parts of the UK and we want to bring this work together and learn how we can use FHIR to standardise it.

How we map data between different information models. We want to help attendees become more self-sufficient in this area.

Bringing the PRSB diabetes standard alive with FHIR as part of managing Virtual Wards

Who should attend

Implementation leads, software engineers, developers, product support analysts, implementation consultants, interface managers, product owners, or those in similar roles who are interested and able to contribute to the development of solutions. We also encourage participation by those with insights from the frontline, so clinicians and other providers of care who would like to get involved.


In keeping with INTEROPen values, all interested parties are invited to take part in planning calls which take place every Wednesday at 9 am. Microsoft Teams details are available in the UK Core Hackathon forum on Ryver - INTEROPen's collaboration platform**.

These planning calls aim to set out the scope and agenda for the hackathon and to provide participants with the information to commence their architectural plans.

All conversations, technical preparations and updates relating to this event will be shared in the related topic in the UK Core Forum on Ryver**

**Ryver is the INTEROPen community's collaboration platform. To access Ryver, you will need to be a member of INTEROPen (to ensure GDPR compliance). To become a member, please complete the online joining form here.

Post-Hack Presentation Session

When: 15th March (3.30 to 4.30 PM)

What: An open-to-all presentation of the outputs from the hackathon by the teams involved in one of the main theatres at Rewired. We are expecting plenty of Rewired attendees to come and view this. Each hack team will have the opportunity to present and run a short demo of what they have achieved over the two days. The session concludes with an audience vote for the 'most impressive' hack, and the Chief Technology Officers choice – both of which will be offered the opportunity to present a demo of their solutions to Senior NHS Leaders

Who should attend: Anyone and everyone with an interest in Medications information interoperability, especially CIOs, CCIOs, and all others who may be interested in discovering and/or supporting the progression of projects with real-world potential.

We look forward to FHIRHacking with you soon! Team INTEROPen

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