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20 June 2024

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This event is in the past

Current Landscape:

In today's rapidly evolving digital health and care landscape, data has become the cornerstone of innovation, driving improvements in patient outcomes, care delivery, and system efficiency.

However, realising high quality care needs high quality data and that can only come from high quality, robust, evidence-based data standards.

As the health and care sector navigates the complexities of digital transformation, the need for collaboration and dialogue to revolutionise care through data has never been more urgent.

Timeliness of the Event:

Hosted by the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB), the PRSB Connect event on 20 June 2024 serves as a strategic platform for industry leaders, policymakers, health and care professionals, and technology innovators to convene and address the critical challenges and opportunities in digital health and care interoperability.

Against the backdrop of the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill and the Federated Data Platform ongoing efforts to redefine digital standards in health and care, this summit offers a timely opportunity to shape the future of healthcare data management and delivery.

Key Content Topics:

  • Federated Data, unlocking the potential: Hear about the federated data platform model pilots, and learn about the experiences and outcomes so far. 
  • Data is Care, transforming diabetes care through data: Hear from clinicians and people about how data standards are transforming diabetes care and research.
  • Collaborative models of working: Participate in discussions on the evolving landscape of data standards, including the changing role legislation and enforcement will have on the sector. How digital solutions and health and care providers can implement standards together for success.
  • Patient-Centric Care Delivery: Discover how digital technologies and interoperable care planning systems are enabling patient-centred care models, empowering individuals to actively participate in their healthcare journey and improving overall health outcomes. 

Why Attend:

  • Gain actionable insights from industry experts, thought leaders, and policymakers on the latest advancements and best practices in digital health and care and data sharing.
  • Network with peers, stakeholders, and innovators from across the health and care ecosystem, fostering collaboration and partnership opportunities.
  • Stay ahead of regulatory developments, and understand the implications for digital standards conformance, and innovation in health and care.
  • Explore practical strategies for improving data quality, leveraging data standards and working collaboratively to drive innovation, improve outcomes, and revolutionise care delivery through data.

Join us to be at the forefront of shaping the future of health and care.